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Ennis, Co. Clare: +353 65 6868116
Loughrea, Co.Galway: +353 91 847934
Claregalway, Co.Galway: +353 91 739344

Acne Treatment Program

Acne Treatment options:

  •     Skinceuticals SM peel
  •     Ellipse laser light acne treatment
  •     Photofacial / Hydrafacial
  •     Skinceuticals Blemish & Age products for homecare
  •     Murad Skin Peels
  •     Murad Blemish Control products

We recommend that all customers interested in acne treatments should schedule a consultation with our experienced Aestheticians to discuss the best possible treatment option which suits your skin.

Call us to book your free consultation

Claregalway clinic: 091-739344.

Loughrea clinic: 091-847934


How does the Ellipse Acne Treatment work?

The ellipse operator guides the light from the flash-lamp to the treatment are. The unique Ellipse system carefully filters this light in two ways to ensure that only light with the correct characteristics (wavelengths) is allowed to reach your skin.

The light that is allowed through is absorbed by the haemoglobin, which is the red pigment in blood. The light from the flash-lamp heats up the haemoglobin in the fine blood vessels that supply the sebaceous glands and slows down the overproduction of oil that leads to acne.

How long does the treatment take?

The glass prism within the Ellipse applicator that guides the light to the skin is 10mm by 48mm, so a large area can be targeted in one flash of light. It takes approximately 60 flashes to treat the full face. Including consultation and preparation, you should count on approx. 30 minutes in the clinic. A typical course of therapy includes approx 4 treatments 3 weeks apart. Your treatment program may be customised by your Aesthetician.

Can anyone be treated?

If you have permanent acne you will benefit from a treatment. The best results are achieved on inflammatory acne - best known as those red, aching, raised pimples. It is important your skin is relatively pale at the time of the treatment, as too much light will be absorbed by a dark complexion.

Does it hurt?

Tolerance of pain is very individual from person to person. No anaesthetics are required, and many patients describe the discomfort as a warming sensation similar to the feeling one has after a day on the beach. the lighter the skin colour, the less pain.

The light used is completely safe, visible light, so no special precautions are necessary. Potentially harmful wavelengths are removed by the unique Ellipse Dual Mode Filtering system.

Treatment Cost: €130 per session (includes check-up appointment)

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Ennis, Co. Clare: +353 65 6868116
Loughrea, Co.Galway: +353 91 847934
Claregalway: +353 91 739344

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