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Ennis, Co. Clare: +353 65 6868116
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I attended the Laserderm Clinic in Claregalway for a consultation with Halina and I am delighted with all the advice I was given regarding my skin issues. I have suffered with constant breakouts for the last few years but finally I have found a salon which has given me confidence to try a new skincare range. I have a new homecare routine with Skinceuticals products which Halina prescribed for me in Laserderm. I am looking forward to getting started on my new skincare plan next week which is going to consist of a course of Skinceuticals peels and hopefully once my breakouts clear I will start a course of micro-needling. The staff at the Laserderm clinic were so friendly and the clinic is exceptionally clean, after just one visit I am already very impressed.

Teresa, Galway City 30/4/2019


I have had 3 sessions of hair removal at the Laserderm Clinic in Claregalway, delighted with the difference already. I am having my legs and underarms done and the amount of reduction I have in growth is amazing. I would highly recommend any of the staff at Laserderm, they are really nice and friendly and so accomodating for appointment times, especially for evening appointments and Saturdays.

Suzanne, Galway   2/5/2019


Yesterday I had my first Murad peel treatment at Laserderm Claregalway with Lisa. I was a little nervous because firstly I have only ever had one facial in my life about 5 years ago and secondly I didn't really know what to expect from a peel. From the minute I walked through the door I was greeted by friendly faces, the girls are so lovely in Laserderm, Lisa explained thoroughly what was involved with my peel treatment before we started so then I was perfectly relaxed. I loved the feel of the Murad products on my skin. My skin was glowing for days after the peel and I'm already booked in for my next peel in 2 weeks and I can't wait. I also started using a Murad kit and I'm also loving those, I used to use Clarins moisturiser but I'm converted to the Murad vitamin c moisturiser it even has a Spf 30. I'm looking forward to seeing how my skin looks in a few months.

Michelle, Galway 28/3/2019


I recently attended a Beo Event and we got free 30 minute treatment in our goody bag. I and never been to the Laserderm Clinic before and I was very impressed with the treatment I received at the LAserderm in Ennis. I had a 30 minute Murad treatment and Lisa did a thorough consultation with me, she explained which products would suit my skin and went through a simple step by step homecare routine to get my skin back on track. The clinic in Ennis is so clean and both girls that were working the day I was there were so friendly. I purchased a fabulous Murad set and I must say I really am loving how the creams feel on my skin. Lisa set out a 12 month skincare program for me so I'm really looking forward to me next facial.

Emily 17/01/2019


Had my first Venus Freeze facial treatment today at Laserderm in Ennis and I think I've found a new favourite facial! it's amazing, so relaxing I actually almost fell asleep. My facialist was so exceptional and extremely professional. The main area that I am concerned with is around my eyes and my neck and the Venus freeze is going to help to tighten and firm those areas. I am signed up for the course of 8 facials so I'm looking forward to seeing a great result. Skin looked better after the first facial so I can't wait to have my next one!

Julie, Salthill, Co. Galway 18/10/2016

I was given a gift voucher for Laserderm so I signed up for a course of microdermabrasion treatments and I am so delighted with my skin. So far I've had 2 treatments and my skin is smoother and brighter, my skincare therapist who was so nice, recommended some Skinceuticals serums to use every day & night and I know I'm really benefiting from the advice because my husband has even noticed the change in my skin!

Client: Elaine, Knocknacarra, Co. Galway 9/11/2016

Just had my consultation with Halina in Laserderm Claregalway. She was very thorough & did a full skin analysis. She was full of knowledge and knows her stuff! Halina set up a plan for 6 months leading up to my wedding. I bought my Murad products and I've decided to start taking Vitamin A supplements aswell. I'm starting a course of 6 skin peels and then I will be moving onto Vitamin C facial treatments after that and I have booked a microdermarasion treatment also. Looking forward to getting my skin in great condition for my wedding.

Client: Anne-Marie, Barna, Co. Galway 6/12/2016

So delighted I got started again with my hair removal treatments at Laserderm Claregalway. I had a course at another salon in the city a few years ago but wasn't happy with the results so decided to give it another go at a new clinic.  I have had 3 treatments on my underarms and already I can see the reduction in hair, looking forward to starting my legs before summer.

Client: Leanne, Oranmore, Co Galway 1/9/2016


As a 40th birthday treat I decided to book a course of skin treatments at the Laserderm Clinic. After an in-depth consultation with the skin therapist, I choose a course of 6 gentle skin peels along with one microdermabrasion treatment. The end result was amazing, after my very first peel I noticed my skin brighter. Work collegues even noticed the difference! Up until my visit to the Laserderm Clinic I didn't really put much effort into taking care of my skin but now after seeing what a difference it makes, I pop back to the clinic every 6 weeks to maintain my healthy fresh glow. I personally think it's so worth it to make the investment in your skin.

A. Murray Galway City. 2/12/2013.

I have been attending the Laserderm Clinic for about the last 8 months for hair removal treatment. Excessive hair growth has been an on-going battle for me for years. It is only since I started the Ellipse treatment that I have finally regained my confidence. At last I have found a treatment that actually is successful ! My experience with the staff at Laserderm has been exceptional from the very first day I felt comfortable and they totally understood what I was going through. The staff are highly professional and thanks to them I dont' have to hide my face with polo necks and scarves anymore!

11/09/2009 M. Kelliher Galway

Had 2 sessions of hair removal on my underarms at Laserderm Clinic Ennis. Amazed at the result already, hardly any hair has grown back, I only had to shave once in 4 weeks compared to every second day. I'm addicted now & I've booked to start my legs.

26/10/2013 M. Crowe Ennis, Co. Clare.

I have had broken veins and redness on my cheeks for the last 10 years, after reading an article in a magazine I decided to book a consultation with the Laserderm clinic. My consultation was very informative and Lisa explained every step of the treatment in detail. Initially I had been nervous about having the treatment but I knew after the consultation I was in good hands. I have to admit I did find the treatment uncomfortable but I had been briefed about that in the consultation. My cheeks were a little puffy for a few hours after the treatment and a little red for about 2 days. After about 1 week I definately noticed a huge improvement. Lisa scheduled a check-up treatment which was complimentary for 2 weeks later to assess the results. I had one more treatment and was very happy with my cheeks, even my friends have commented on how much my skin has improved. I only wish that I had known about this wonderful treatment years ago.

8/10/2009 L. Fennelly Claremorris, Mayo

Just started a course of peels in Laserderm Clinic, Ennis. My skin looks brighter already, felt a slight tingle but the therapist assured me that was normal. My skin is softer and my foundation goes on much more evenly after the 2 treatments I've had. I'm already looking forward to moving onto the more advanced facials!

9/10/2013 G. Mcgrath Ennis, Co. Clare.

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