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Ennis, Co. Clare: +353 65 6868116
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Hush & Hush

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Time Capsule : See our webshop to purchase

Safeguard your body from the damaging effects of the sun, polluton and environment with topical products is rule number one to the war against ageing.  To prevent and reverse the effects of ageing, a vitamin, mineral and nutrient-rich supplement is a must as it works on a cellular level to defend against future damage and help undo the effects of past damage.

What is it?

An all-encompassing age reversing and delaying supplement for anyone who wants maximum protection against ageing.


 Deeply Rooted : See our webshop to purchase

Thinning hair and hairloss affects women and men of all ages.  There's no one reason why thinning occurs, but rather a multitude of factors that prompt hair to grow ineffeciently.  It's normal to lose 50-100 hairs per day.  But when hair starts to look and feel thin you need to get to the root of the problem to stop it once and for all.

How it works?

Strengthens weak hair by nourishing the follicles, defends against hair loss, creates thicker, shinier hair with better density, combats the underlying causes of thin, weak and ageing hair.




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 Mind Your Mind : See our webshop to purchase

A calm body is a health body. But when daily stress gets in the way, mental clutter takes over and winding down and finding your zen can be difficult - not to montion that the quality and quantity of your sleep can be disrupted.  Sufficient sleep provides an opportunity for your brain to repair and reconstruct nearal networks to help boost mental well-being and your overall health.  Think of sleep as a session of intense maintenance for the body.

What is it?

A melatonin-free nutraceuticals for inner balance and restul sleep that calms your mind, body and soul.

How it works?

Calms your mind, reduces stress and restfulness, helps you fall asleep and stay asleep.




mind your mind


 Exclusive formulations comprised of hand-picked ingredients.

Hush & Hush nutraceuticals are now available to purchase on our webshop.



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Ennis, Co. Clare: +353 65 6868116
Loughrea, Co.Galway: +353 91 847934
Claregalway: +353 91 739344

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